How Alli Weight Loss Works?

The new Alli weight loss drug is no appetite suppression. Instead, Alli works by blocking the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract (GI). But fat has blocked to change is the reason why many commentators honestly not anything on a first date or the exercise of white pants, while taking this drug.

An executive of GlaxoSmithKline, at a press conference in New York City, the so-called GI side effects a positive feedback to help people change their habits spisevaner. In other words, eat a high fat meal has an "accident" - and you are less likely to do it again.

"If you believe that a quarter pound of cheese with low fat content in comparison with the Big Mac, you get a few comments," Foster tells WebMD. For this reason, not a good combination with a high fat, low-carbohydrate diet. In addition, if the diet low in fat, fat is not blocked.

Recipes strength Xenical contains 120 milligrams, while the can contains 60 milligrams. But the side effects are not necessarily halved, "says Foster.

"There are about 20% lower," says WebMD.

If all the blocks of fat so well, can also prevent the absorption of important vitamins and minerals, critics say.

"All the low-calorie diet should be accompanied by a multi-vitamin," said Foster. "Behaviour shadow here is that you do not want to take the vitamin in the same time you can." We recommend vitamin before bedtime to avoid emptying the contents.

Some critics think it would be better to avoid the pills to all, said that it is not necessary.

"It has been proven short-term risks and no possibility of long-term advantage," says Sidney Wolfe, MD, Director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group in Washington, DC

If you really want to lose weight, said that the answer is not as thin and sexy as taking a pill to strengthen the efforts. "They have a slight change, how much you eat and a minor change, how much in motion, whether to walk 2 miles more and eat 300 fewer calories per day, you lose a pound per week or half-pound per week. It is slow, but it works and has no risk. "

Read the fine print
Despite his opponents, and even if there is no law as a "magic bullet many consumers may be anyway.

"It will always be some people who do not want to read more than headlines, as a miracle that he believes this is a, if not," says Arthur Frank, MD, Medical Director of the George Washington University Weight Management Program in Washington, DC.

If a person does not decide to try Alli, can not be passive about it, "he says." You really have to respect, "said Frank WebMD.

"There are substances that can be used and totally passive, such as blood pressure or cholesterol medication, but we can not compete with the can," he says.

"We must ensure that all evil, but some people are careless," he says. However, if you are reasonably careful, it should be effective. "

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