Personal Top 10 Beauty Products

There are a lot of beauty products commercially. But only few of them are effective (for me personally). Here are my Top 10 list of Beauty products I stick with:

1. Olay Total Effects Moisturizer
One of the major reasons I bought this product is their commercial ad on TV. Testimonials from Beauty Queens, Famous Actress and Models (Miriam Quiambao, Gretchen Baretto, The Daughter of Gloria Diaz..etc). So I bought it and apply it on evening only, before I go to bed. After 2-3 weeks, I've immediately notices firmer skin, soft & smooth. And it really even out my skin tone. Another nice thing about this product is that it contains Broad Spectrum, UVA/UVB sunscreen SPF15 or UV Protection. Then I thought to myself it really has a "TOTAL EFFECT". That's why its on top of my list and I recommend it to my mom and friends who also noticed the improvement on my skin. It's also a perfect acne skin care product. I can say this is one of the best skin care product.

2. Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner
When I first this product, it immediately caught my attention because it's so "light" to look on. It's just like a bottled water toner, plus it is branded as a Refreshing Toner. And also it smells mild and soft. I've tried a lot of toners before but it irritates my skin. And thank goodness, I finally found whats right for me. And I recommend it to everyone because of its mild formula and it has a variety for all skin types. I used it at day before I apply pearl cream, and at night before I apply Olay Total Effects. This is one of the best skin care product.

3. Pond's Pearl Cream: White Beauty Detox
I'm using Pond's Pearl Cream 3 years already. I love it because it makes my skin naturally beautiful even without make-up on. I used it after bath, then I will leave it without putting any make-up or powder, then, when it starts to get oil, its just like a "celebrity skin", because it has a powder-smooth finish. It's also formulated to give you visibly radiant, smooth and even skin tone and rosy white looking skin. It also has UVA & UVB rays or triple sunscreen protection. Also one of the best skin care product. It can also be used as facial cream and acne treatment.

4. St.Ives Foot scrub
Looking for the best skin care product? I believe that all St.Ives products are good but the foot scrub for me is the best with its all natural skin care. I use it not just a foot scrub but also body and even facial scrub as well. It has a very light acidic ingredient that is good in exfoliating the skin. And I asked a dermatologist and she said that its also approved to use on face maybe once or twice a week only. The moment I tried it on my face and I just fell in love with this product because you can deel the improvement immediately.

5. Creamsilk Leave-On Conditioner
This is one of the beauty product I used daily. I'm using the Cremsilk leave-on conditioner for coloured hair (the brown one). I love it because it smells so good and it makes my hair really soft and shiny. I use it especially when my hair is exposed to sun, dust and pollution. It just brings back the moisture of the hair which makes it healthy looking.

6. Jergen's Body Lotion
I just loved the smell of the Original scent, the cherry almond moisturizer. Other body lotions make my skin sticky and sweaty and it irritates me so much. But when my mom asked me to use Jergen's, it suits me so much because of its non-sticky formula which makes me feel always fresh and comfortable.

7. Olay Total Effects Facial Wash
The product is also the main partner of the Total Effects Moisturizer, a good acne skin care product which makes me bought this. And I'm really satisfied buying this product. Soaps are very harmful to the face and can even damage your skin if you have sensitive skin. But the Olay total effects facial wash is very gentle on skin. It has no bubbles or it doesn't produce a foam when you apply it. It's just like you put water or oil on your skin, and that's great when choosing facial wash, according to a dermatologist. That's how you can tell if your product is gentle or harmful to skin or not.

8. Pantene Pro-V Conditioner Hair Care
The TV commercial ad of Pantene Pro-V Conditioner which involves famous celebrities (Angel Aquino, Dawn Zulueta, Ruffa Gutierrez & Gretchen Baretto) made me decide to try it. And no regret, the money was worth this product. You can really tell whether a product suits you or not because you can feel it. It really makes my hair healthy and prone to breakage. Although the scent didn't last that long, but this product is way better than the one I used before.

9. San-San Pressed Powder and Skin Care
A friend of mine who is a make-up artist is the one introduced me to san-san. At first, I touched it with my finger, "wow its smooth and fine". Then I tried to apply it on my face and it really "wowed" me again because I never thought that a less-expensive brand is that as excellent as top cosmetic brands, perfect for dry skin. The powder is really fine and smooth and also, it last long just like you put a foundation. Another thing is that it has UV protection and has Vitamins A,C & E which are good for our skin. But be careful handling this product because it is thin and breaks-out easily.

10. Jlo's Still and Bayo's Red Perfumes
I love both perfumes because it doesn't smell like perfume. Its just like a natural scent of a body after taking a bath. It's nice scent, not irritating to smell. But Jlo's Still is very expensive so I only use Jlo when there's special occasions then I use Bayo on ordinary day.